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How you make best cheap travel in the US

Travelling is the best part of our life if we want to enjoy us very much. Sometimes it is not possible to make travel due to its cost. Most of us think that making travel is so much costly.

This is not true! Here I am discussing the best cheap travel tips in the US. So, you will get some clear cut ideas about how to make cheap travel.

Going on a group vacation is a very good option for saving cost. If you make travel with your friends and family then your cost will be divided. Solo travel is not so cheap. So if you have a dream of travelling and explore the whole USA then make a group tour.

Most of the student feel the lack of money and due to this, they are afraid of making travel. You can read How you reduce your travel cost in the best way.

To explore the USA you will get many more options for reducing the travel cost. First, You need to consider the “best places to travel cheap in the US”.

Considering the best places to travel cheap:

There are a lot of cities where you can make your trip cheaply. If you travel very glazing city such as Las Vegas or New York then you need more money and in Online Offer Digest I already discuss it.

How to travel to your destination:

To find the best places to travel to for cheap you have to consider travel medium also. If you need to fly then you have to bare more cost for travelling.

Here is a secret for you. All the airlines have not the same rate. If you book your ticket 45 days earlier, you can save up to 20$ to 200$ based on Airline. It is really impossible to check all the airline’s website and get the lowest price.

To solve your this problem I recommend you to use Cheap Air to purchase your ticket.  There is also more option like as CheapOair, Points and much more. You can compare airfare and book your ticket as early as possible.

You can also choose to rent a car service for visiting the nearer place. You can use Auto Europe for renting the car at the cheap price.

Accommodation selection:

After booking your travel ticket you need to book your accommodation. Accommodation cost is also another big factor for you. You can find many hotels and motel where you can stay. Likely the transportation system, your accommodation cost is also not the same. There are several options you will get to choose a room.

There are many motels where you will get a decent amount discount if you book it early. While I am travelling to another city then I make the plan at least 45 days before. After booking an air ticket, I search for a room where I am able to stay securely. I always use Reservation for booking my ticket. Because they give me about 60% discount.

Book Now

According to our cost, we can divide our room into three categories.

Budget: If you are looking for a privet room for 2 people in the region of 30$ to $80 then you can search for a budget hotel or motel.

Mid-range: You can get very good and reasonable accommodation in 80$ to 150$. You need to spend this amount on a privet room for a privet room.

High-end: There is no limit to spending money on the high-quality room. You will get a privet room for 2 persons with 250$ or higher.

So, during the travel with a limit money, you can choose budget or mid-range room for staying.  You can also use Home swap for reducing your travel cost. In Home Swap you can stay another person home and they will also stay in your home. This is so simple.

Group travel or family travel is not possible all the time. As a travel lover, I also travel alone while I am not getting any travel partner.  My experience might help you for travel while you have no travel partner.

Here is another tip for if you travel alone.  You can join any tour organizing company. It will save your cost and also will be more secure than travel alone.

Reduce your travel cost while you seeing site:

on this stuff, you have lots of choices. This will depend on your interest. For, mine I will love to see museums, national parks, historical places and some sort of things.


Try to spend your money wisely.  I suggest you keep this cost range within $10 to $30 for a day.

Book your ticket online. You will find many discount coupons while you are buying city seeing pass.

When I was in Orlando, I was brought my ticket from best of Orlando. It saves 25% to 50% while I had to pay the full amount if I bought the ticket from the counter. Like this, you can use Best of Vegas for visiting Las Vegas, Top View inc for visiting New York.

Save up to 50% on the Best Vegas Shows!
 I hope that you will use these tips for your travelling and make your best cheap travel in US. For your concern, these universal tips also help you a lot. 

Never travel on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday have more visitors and it will cost you more. A statistic says if you travel on Wednesday then you will get the less price ticket.

Avoid pick time: If you want to travel cheaply then never travel in the pick time. Pick time will cost you more money. You need to travel during the off time.

Always Buy Book from Online: Online booking always saves your cost. You can use coupons and also get many exciting deals from it.

Online Offer Digest also provides you many deals and coupons. You can also use all these to make your travel cheaply. You can visit this deals section to get the exciting deal. 

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Marty Deemst

34 mins ago

Thanks for sharing this helpful information. You are inspiring me for cheap traveler in US. I’m sure most people can take notes from this article. One thing most people lack experience while traveling in US. I have a couple of young friends that are going to traveling in US soon. Well, this post gives us some good ideas for traveling in US.

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