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This women’s thickened down jacket is made in the USA or China (Imported). This thickened jacket is very fashionable and you can use it on any occasion. The hem of the eiderdown garments adopts unique crumples. The length of this thickened coat is flattering for every figure. 60% more density of the polyester make this jacket windproof and it will keep you warm from inside.

This is a very comfortable jacket and there are a lot of colors is available. High-density water-resistant and windproof material. Almost touch not forget. Super soft, super light.

Another unique feature of this coat is the fact that the sides un-zip – which I think will make it more comfortable to wear when you’re sitting in a car or on the ski lift.

thickened down jacket

We hope that this will be the best choice this winter. You might have some important question about these products. Here we try to give you some common questions. It will help you to make the decision quickly and you will buy it now.

Some important Question about the thickened down jacket:

Is this waterproof?

It can handle a little drizzle but I have to agree that it can’t handle Seattle rain. Unless they improved it recently. The seller noted that they changed some of the jacket features for 2017/2018 arrivals.

What is the temperature rating?

It’s a decent thickness down jacket that stands up to Michigan winters. Doesn’t have a “temperature rating” per se, but unless you are going to Antarctica, I think it will keep you warm.

Can you remove the hood?

No, the hood is not removable however you really do not feel any bulkiness from it although it is a large hood.

Is this coat good enough for NY weather in January? Below 0 grades!

Except for the seams around the arms, it would be. A thick cashmere sweater, worn under, should help and at zero, the sweater would be needed anyway.

is this a maternity coat?

No, just a heavy down-filled coat. Super warm. Wore it in Norway.

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