Flea and Tick Treatment shopping in 2019

Flea and tick treatment shopping is important for us. We love making our dog’s tails wag. A good belly rub and scratch behind the ears will do the trick. However, what about when the itch is all over? Where do you and Fido turn when a good scratch won’t begin to combat those tiny pests – fleas and ticks! We are sharing best flea and tick treatment shopping Tips for your loving Dog

Collars, sprays, dips, and home-remedies; the vast selection can be confusing. By following a few simple rules, while shopping for flea and tick treatment, will help you find a solution that works best for your dog.


Consult the experts and expert-like advice

Your veterinarian and groomer have seen this before. Regardless of how many fleas or ticks your hound is fighting; dog experts have seen it before and can lend advice on products and flea fighting tactics.

They’ll take the severity of an infestation into consideration, but perhaps even more importantly, they’ve tried the various brands and techniques and they know what works for your dog’s coat, size, and lifestyle. Long hair or short, tiny or tall, indoor or out… each has its challenges. The age of the dog also must be considered; many treatments are not meant for puppies.

flea and tick treatment shopping

In addition to seeking sounds expert advice, the words of wisdom from fellow pet owners can also be useful to find the remedy that works for you. When taking the advice of a friend or considering product reviews, look for positive results from similar canines.

Take your other pets into consideration

Some treatments work only on fleas, while still others will tackle fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, some treatments can also be detrimental to other animals in your household. You’ll need to read the label carefully to make sure your dog flea prevention is not going to be harmful to your cat, for example.

Know your flea and tick treatment shopping goals:

Are you looking for flea control, or do you need additional coverage? Will you remember to administer a monthly treatment? Do you prefer scheduling a regular grooming session that includes a flea treatment? Being realistic about your dog’s needs, and both you and your dog’s lifestyles may help determine the best treatment options.
Your goals may need to include exterminating fleas in your home or preventing their spread to your living room carpet and your child’s stuffed animals. See more: Best flea collars for your loving pets

Step #4:

A treatment is only as good as its follow up prevention

So you’ve purchased your flea comb, flea dip and decided to tackle it at home! Or maybe you’ve enlisted the help of the pros and dropped Fido off for a much-needed spa day. Either way, the fleas will return with you don’t take the final flea fight step of prevention. Proper grooming, flea and tick prevention medicines, as well as extra prevention measures – such as treating your lawn for the annoying critters – can mean you never have to look into flea treatment options again!


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