How you reduce your travel cost in best way 2019

Make budget travel is not mean to compromise on comfort or pleasure. Budget travel means you are traveling with the budget and you just spend what you need and it will reduce your travel cost. Many of us think that budget travel is not comfortable. This is completely wrong. You need to aware about your budget while travel, however, it can be Las Vegas or Bangkok.

In our previous article, we already tell you about making a budget travel planning. If you did not read that article then you are able to find it here:   What should you consider on choose budget travel destinations

In this article, we are going to show you a plan for reducing your budget travel cost without compromising your comfort and safety. Comfort and safety are very essential for anyone. We will discuss more on another article. Now we are discussing to reduce travel cost. If you want to get our future article then subscribe.

Planning is very important as we discuss before. This is also effective for cost reducing. When you make the plan then try to make it at least 60 days before. Then you will get more days to book your air ticket or other tickets. You also get a hotel or accommodation at a cheap cost. You can use our coupon codes to get 10% to 50% discount code on getting flight tickets, on hotel booking, travel insurance or other shopping also.

Advance Ticket Booking for reduce your travel cost:

Air travel is the most popular travel medium now. It’s time-saving, quick and comfortable although it is costly. You can save air travel cost by book ticket in minimum 30 days advance. You can use Cheap Air Travel to book ticket then you can save up to 30% at any time.

reduce your travel cost

If you have the actual time duration of your traveling time then book a roundtrip air ticket. It can save you 20 to 30 dollar per person. We publish several air ticket deals on our website. You can check it to reduce your travel cost.

Here some examples, which can make your idea more clear. Think you want a ticket for Seattle to Cordova flights. When you want to book a ticket for the one-way trip then you need 270$ minimum with Cheap air travel. It can increase up to 520$ with flight quality and airline.  But when you buy a round-trip ticket it will cost you 497$ approximately. So, it saves you 43$ instantly and it will make you tension free from buying return ticket while you traveling.

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Accommodation Cost:

Accommodation cost is another big fact for reduce your travel cost. If your accommodation is not good then you are not comfortable during your travel.  We do research about costing on budget travel cost. We found that accommodation cost covers more than 50% of total expenses.

You might be getting worried about reducing the accommodation cost. We have a solution for you. You can save huge money and can taste the local environment with Local room sharing. Home Stay is might be your proper solution.

reduce your travel cost


Here is another example, 4 people travel to California and want to stay in the hotel. How much cost do they need to bare for per night? They need to pay about 60$ to 200$ USD per night. But with the Home Stay you need about 30$ to 50$ per night. You will get the local taste. More ever you save a large amount of money.

There are over 5000 cities where you can Home Stay partner. So you can find accommodation easily with this website.

Travel Package:
If you are on a budget then you can search for a different travel agency for their travel package. When want to visit a big city then your cost will increase day by day. You can save up to 20 to 50% when you take an offer from an agency. If you travel off season then you will big deal.

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If you concern some simple thing then you are able to make huge savings from reduce your travel cost. Here are some simple but best tips to save your penny.

  1. Travel when others don’t: Many of us like to travel on Sunday or weekend flight. But according to Rick Seaney, Weekend travel can increase your cost. Wednesday is the best day for the fly. It can save the major amount of cash. So, try to avoid weekend flight.
  2. Spilled the Cost: If you are planning to stay in a hotel, then choose a big room with friends. As we said early in this article about Home Stay. You can also stay together to spilled the cost to save money. It can save up to a hundred dollars.
  3. Use the bus and avoid privet transportation: If you are want to travel for a long time then the bus will be the best option. If you use privet transport then it will cost you more. Buses are very comfortable nowadays. You also get free Wi-Fi on it.
  4. Set budget: You can set a budget for your travel and try to save from it. If you save from your travel budget then it can save your money significantly. You can spend that extra money on extra food, buy souvenirs and more.
  5. Get fair idea: Fair idea and a clear route map is also important for saving cost. When you planning to make travel in any place then make research about it. Research about local transportation, taxis and can rental service. You can also research about local Home Stay rate and local hotel rate.

So you get some important and valuable tips for reducing your travel cost. Hope you can use it to reduce your travel costs as much as humanly possible. Good luck and be happy with your travel time.

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